Avax CAD v.2
Desktop Application

Stand alone 2D drawing program
Avax CAD is a stand alone 2-dimension (21/2D) drawing program, which addresses Architects, Civil Engineers, Electrician Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Topographers, Designers, Students and generally everyone who is occupied with geometrical drawing.
The program has the following capabilities
Drawing all the basic geometric objects (Line, Point, Polyline, Arc, Circle, Ellipse, Polygon, Bezier curve e.t.c.).
Text with fonts of Windows.
Filling of polygons with hatch lines, icons or other kinds of design patterns. Capability of definition layer’s appearance of polygons that have fillings such as to regulate intercovering.
Creation and insertion of complicated objects. (Blocks).
Color pallets, Layers, drawing width, font lists, line and points styles.
Zoom window, extends, pan, all, previous view, zoom in e.t.c.
Object selection with frame, within frame, all object selection, selected object removal e.t.c.
Grid, snap to grid.
Copy, copy at a specified distance, array, move, scale, rotation, mirror and stretch objects.
Object snap during drawing : to end, middle, intersection, perpendicular, tangent e.t.c.
Trim, Fillet, Extend e.t.c.
Dimensioning of straight line segments and angles.
Imports image files (BMP, JPEG, ICO, WMF, PCX, SHP, RTF)
Imports drawing files AutoCAD® DXF
Exports drawings in several types of files DXF, SVG, SWF, PLT, PIC, BMP, WMF, PDF, XML, RTF e.t.c.
Measurement of lengths and areas.
Printing preview and printing under scale.
Undo / Redo every action.
Insert a picture from a webcam
Microsoft Windows 7, 8 or 10

Trial limitations
Unavailable functions on trial: Export to DXF, Print

Offline activation
Offline activation available.
No internet connection required.